• My PC Building Adventure Part 1
    You saw it coming-didn’t you? Here I am, finally talking about what went into the gaming PC that lies on my desk right now. The PC has been a great conversation starter and is the centerpiece of my room. Let’s get into it!
  • My PC Building Adventure Part 2
    I had an i5 3470S and a GTX 1050 and I wasn’t yet done. Sure, the computer could handle whatever I wanted to play on it, but I thought why not go a step further?
  • My PC Building Adventure Part 3
    The finale is here! Or maybe not?! The third part of my PC Building adventure finally unfolds!
  • Bitcoin Mining in 2020 – The Sad Truth
    Bitcoin Mining is buzzing, specially in last 2 years when Bitcoin price skyrocketed. But is Bitcoin Mining profitable in 2020? We don’t think so. Here’s why..
  • Why is the Zoom App getting Banned everywhere?
    Zoom App is being banned by almost all major companies/agencies. But why? If you shouldn’t use it, what are your options? Should you be worried? Let’s find out!