Best Gaming Mouse Under ₹2000 in India | 2020

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the best gaming experience with your Gaming PC that costs 60000 or 40000, you are probably looking for the best gaming mouse under 2000 Rupees.

Whether you play RPGs or FPS games, mouse tracking and ergonomics are the two non-negotiable qualities of your mouse. I mean yes you can get some great RGB lighting on a few models, but does that necessarily make the mouse performance better?

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For large or small hands, for palm and claw grip preferences, for people that prefer lightweight or heavy mice, this list would be different. I have prepared this list based on personal preferences only, and you should look for reviews on Amazon or Flipkart before you make your final decision.

We are seeing some real shuffle in the Electronics Market recently. Hence, some of the mice I was initially going to include like the Logitech G300S are nowhere to be found. Without wasting any more time, let’s answer your question about the best gaming mouse under 2000!

Best Overall Gaming Mouse Under 2000: Logitech G302

Logitech has been known to make very good quality peripherals for a long time. Even though most of them are not super-focused on being low-budget, the Logitech G302, in my opinion, provides a great value for money.

It has a total of six programmable buttons, with on-the-fly DPI shifting. The mouse is pretty comfortable for people with smaller as well as large palm sizes. Even though the shape of the mouse is not the most conventional, it feels very ergonomic. The Blue breathing light is a pleasant bonus, and the sensor is pretty reliable even on the worst of mouse-pads.

Logitech G302 Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000 in India

Be it FPS games like CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege, or RPGs like DOTA2 and Anno, everyone would enjoy this mouse. However, my biggest complaint with this model is that is is rarely in stock now a days.

Priced at around ₹1700, the Logitech G302 is arguably the best gaming mouse under 2000, if you can find it in stock for the price. There are options like G402 which is just over the budget and G102 which is more likely to be available, at least in India, take nothing away from the G302. It is a beast of a gaming mouse at this price point, and if you are looking to buy one for yourself, don’t hesitate.

DPI Range240-4000
Connectivity1.8m Braided USB
No. of Buttons6
LightingBlue Light, Breathing
Warranty2 Years
Recommended Pricearound ₹1700
Buy from AmazonLogitech G302

Even if you find people mentioning issues like double-click on the primary buttons – a common issue with Logitech mice in this price range – you shouldn’t worry about it too much. The warranty covers it, there are enough service centers around, and even if it occurs outside your warranty period it is easy to fix on your own.

Best Value for Money Gaming Mouse Under 2000: Logitech G102 Prodigy

If popularity is anything to go by, this mouse should be on top of the list. It is one of the bestsellers in gaming mice on almost all of online marketplaces, and it deserves to be there, especially for anyone looking for a gaming mouse under 2000.

The Logitech G102 appeals to budget gamers who do not want to compromise on build quality, and delivers more than just that.

Logitech G102 Best Value For Money Gaming Mouse Under 2000 in India

The G102 might look familiar to people following the gaming scenes from a long time. It follows the footprint of the legendary G1, and feels just right to the most gamers out there. Small hands, large hands – no problem!

Even though it does not look anything fancy like most of the mice it competes with, it checks all the boxes where it actually matters. The six programmable buttons and on-the-fly DPI shifting are a big bonus at this price range, and the sensor can keep up with most of the action of today’s high-paced games.

The 16.8 million color RGB is a great touch, and can be customized using Logitech’s Gaming Software which can be downloaded from here. You would need the software to customize functions of the programmable buttons too. The G102 can also store these changes on-device to carry it across devices. This also means you don’t have to keep their app installed to keep the magic going. Not all functionalities are supported though.

DPI Range200-8000
Connectivity2m Non-Braided USB
No. of Buttons6
Lighting16.8m LED colors
Warranty2 Years
Recommended Pricearound ₹1300
Buy from AmazonLogitech G102 Prodigy

In summary, the G102 at a price of ₹1300 provides you with most features you will ever need, in beautiful yet not over-the-top package. But at price of over ₹1600 which we have seen it selling for, you might want to reconsider your options for a gaming mouse under 2000.

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 2000: AmazonBasics Multi-Color Gaming Mouse

For frequent shoppers on, AmazonBasics accessories are nothing new. They are budget-friendly options with a pretty decent build quality in most cases.

Continuing that trend, the AmazonBasics Multi-Color Gaming Mouse is a pretty decent option at its price. Sure, it is not the fanciest, but the thumb rest and RGB lighting give it a pretty good look and feel.

It comes with a total of 6 programmable buttons and 16.8 Million colors RGB lighting. The use of Omron switches ensure consistency and durability, while 200-3200 DPI range and on-device storage is a nice touch.

AmazonBasics Multi-Color Gaming Mouse
DPI Range200-3200
ConnectivityBraided USB (gold-plated connector)
No. of Buttons6
LightingRGB lighting with 16.8 million customizable colors
Warranty1 Year
Recommended Pricearound ₹1199
Buy from AmazonAmazonBasics Multi-Color Gaming Mouse

Overall, the AmazonBasics Multi-Color mouse is a great value option for gaming mouse under 2000, and with Amazon’s brand name I feel confident to recommend it.

Honorable Mention: SteelSeries Rival 105 Optical Gaming Mouse

With SteelSeries Engine 3 (the software) and a wonderful sensor, the Steelseries delivers what a beginner level gamer demands- accruracy and robustness.

The soft touch rubberized finish, Prism RGB, use of well-renowned Omron switches, and up to 4000 DPI make this a great gaming mouse under 2000.

But, as many users have experienced in India, the pricing fluctuates a lot. Most of the recent times, it has been unavailable due to huge demands.

SteelSeries Rival 105 Gaming mouse Under 2000 in India
DPI Range500-4000
Connectivity1.8m Non-Braided USB
No. of Buttons6 non-customizable
LightingPrism RGB
Warranty1 Year
Recommended Price around ₹1999
Buy from AmazonSteelSeries Rival 105

Just Don’t Buy: ZEBRONICS USB Gaming Mouse (PHOBOS) with RGB Lights

With up to 4000 DPI and eye-catching RGB, you might think that the Zebronics Phobos USB Gaming Mouse is a great deal at around ₹1400 it is generally sold for. You are WRONG!

From pathetic after-sales service to very short life span, the Phobos experiences same consumer experience as most of the Zebronics product range. When it works, it is good enough. But from what I have heard from its users, it doesn’t work for long enough.

Zebronics Phobos Gaming Mouse

Unless you see nothing else in stock and don’t want to play CS:GO on your laptop track-pad, for a gaming mouse under 2000, this might be of use for you temporarily. But I feel that there are many better mice for a lot cheaper, so just don’t buy this one.

DPI Range500-4000
Connectivity1.8m Braided USB
No. of Buttons8
Lighting11 RGB Modes
Warranty1 Year
Recommended Price (!) around ₹1400
Buy from AmazonZEBRONICS USB Gaming Mouse (PHOBOS) with RGB Lights


Logitech makes choosing a gaming mouse very easy for me, and the G302 is by far the best experience for a gaming mouse under 2000. If it is not available, go for the G102 when you get a good deal or even consider the AmazonBasics or Steelseries alternatives!

Whatever you buy, make sure to take care of your peripherals, and get a good quality mouse mat for the optimum experience. Happy Gaming!

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